Doing Business

The Economic and Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique provides information and assistance pertaining to:

  • Investment opportunities across all economic sectors;
  • Mozambique export potential and opportunities;
  • Public Private Partnership opportunities;
  • Business partnerships between Mozambican and US companies;
  • Procedures and processes about doing business in Mozambique;

The Economic and Commercial Section also facilitates sound and strong bilateral economic, trade and investment relations between the Republic of Mozambique and the United States of America/Canada.



Mr. Godinho Alves

Commercial Counselor

T: +1 202 293 7146 Ext.: 225

M:+1 202 286 2382

F: + 1 202 835 0245



Advantages of Doing Business in Mozambique:

  • Strategic Location: a gateway to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) providing easy access to land-locked countries of the region;


  • Rich and Diverse Natural Resources Base: Coal, Oil & Gas, graphite, iron ore, gold, bauxite, marbles, lime stone, rare minerals, marine life with rare animals (whales, sharks, rays, turtles, dugongs);


  • Young and educated work force and easily trainable;


  • Access to preferential markets: Signatory to the Trade Protocols of SADC, AGOA – USA, EU -EPA, China, India, Japan and AfCFTA, which provide duty-free/preferential access to relevant markets;


  • Competitive Investment incentives: Tax & non-Tax incentives;


  • Investor and Investment Protection: The State guarantees security and legal protection of all property on goods and rights, including Intellectual and industrial property Rights;


  • Free Remittance of Funds Abroad (Open and flexible Foreign Exchange Regulations)


  • Good living environment: Hospitable & Friendly People, delicious food, beautiful beaches;
  • Languages: Portuguese is the official language. English is widely spoken in the main cities s a business language.