Law Number 23/2022, of December

The Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique to the United States of America presents its compliments to the Department of State and has the honor to inform the following regarding the enactment of Law Number 23/2022, of December 29:

  1. We are honored to inform you that in accordance with Law No. 23/2022, of December 29, which establishes the legal framework of foreign citizens, establishing the respective rules for entering, staying in and leaving the country (Mozambique), as well as their rights, duties and guarantees and revokes Law no. 5/93, of 28 December.

2. This new Law highlights the following:

2.1. Visa exemption (Number 2 of Article 18)

In addition to citizens with a residence permit in Mozambique and foreign nationals of countries with which Mozambique has visa exemption agreements, this Law delegates powers to the Government of the Republic of Mozambique to define countries whose citizens may be exempt from entry visas to stay for a period of up to 90 days a year.

2.2. Prior Authorization (Article 19)

Under the terms of article 19, the granting of visas by Mozambican Diplomatic Missions requires prior authorization from SENAMI, except in cases of diplomatic, courtesy and official visas. Remember that Decree No. 108/2014, of December 31st, established prior consultation.

2.3. Diplomatic, Courtesy and Official Visas (article 20)

These types of visas, with the new Law, are now double, with a stay of up to 30 days and not multiples as previously issued.

2.4. Tourist visa (article 22)

Under the terms of this article, foreign citizens with a tourist visa are now able to stay in the country for a period of 90 days, continuous or interrupted during 12 months.

2.5. Work Visa (n.o 2 of Article 27)

According to number 2 of Article 27, the work visa “allows its holder to stay for a period of up to one year, extendable for an equal period…”. The Decree 108/2014 established the permanence until the end of the contract.

2.6. Entry and Departure of Minors from the National Territory-Mozambique (Articles 56 to 58)

This Law establishes the conditions to be observed for the entry and exit of minors from the national territory.

3. This law came into force on January 28, 2023, that is, 30 days after its publication and SENAMI is working on its regularization.

The Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique in the United States of America avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Department of State its highest consideration and esteem.

  Washington, D.C. July 19th 2022